Agreement of Important Matters

*Listed price includes tax unless otherwise stated.

The following will list the important matters upon using "WIFI-HIRE ".Please confirm and agree to all items before applying.

1. Billing will be charged once the application forms are submitted and the device based on the application details is sent to the applicant.

2. The usage fee will be charged to the registered credit card upon the application.

3. Please do not tear off the customer number label on the device.

4. The customer will be demanded for the following indemnity for the loss of the device (SIM card included / 80% Charge).

5. If you wish to receive or return the equipment by a delivery service, the company charges you 550 JPY per delivery service as the delivery service fee.

If you wish to receive or return the equipment at the airport counter, the company charges you 550 JPY per counter service as the airport counter fee.

*All compensation payments are tax exempt.

WIFI-HIRE Compensation Fee Compensation fee
Mobile WiFi Router 40,000JPY 32,000JPY
Battery 3,000JPY 2,400JPY
SIM Card 3,000JPY 2,400JPY
AC Adapter 1,000JPY 800JPY
Other accessories 500JPY 400JPY
External Battery 3,000JPY 2,400JPY
Pouch 1,000JPY 800JPY
Wireless adapter 1,400JPY 1,120JPY

We will not accept cancellation after the arrival of the device under any circumstances.

Initial Failure Return Period Within 3 Days After the Arrival of the Device

1. In the case of replacement due to initial failure or repair, please return the device within 3 days after the arrival. Additional usage fee or indemnity will be charged in the case the return of the device cannot be confirmed.

2. The cancellation process will be conducted by the following cancellation method, cancellation date and return date listed below. The cancellation date may differ from the date the customer actually returned, due to the return date will be based on the arrival confirmation system provided by the transport provider. Furthermore, additional usage fee or indemnity will be charged in the event of the delayment of the return of the device.

3. The customer shall agree to the WiFi-Hire Service Agreement (attached).

Cancellation Method Device Return
At All Times At any time
Device Return Date End Date of Application Plan

1. The customer will be charged for the shipping cost upon returning the device.

2. For various procedures and inquiries, please contact the customer center below.

Best Link INC.
8F SHINJUKU EASTSIDE SQUARE, 6-27-30 Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
Customer Center TEL:+81-50-8882-5774

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