Privacy policy

1. How We View the Protection of Personal Information

Our company makes the following pledge about matters of the handling of personal information (hereinafter including the “Specific Personal Information”) to the customer and those parties conducting business concerned with this firm (hereafter referred to as “the user”), that the user’s personal information shall be handled according to the ideals of the Personal Information Protection Law and with respect for the individual person (privacy protection) as suitably and carefully as possible, as well as in compliance with it with the recognition that it is closely concerned with the rights and interests of the individual.
We will comply with laws concerning the protection of personal information, guidelines on those laws from the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, and any other related laws, and will generally observe fair and impartial treatment of it and will treat it appropriately based on the relevant customary practices. Furthermore, we will make strenuous efforts to make improvements as appropriate.
We will make regulations related to the handling of personal information clearly known to employees etc. Furthermore, we will make adequate demands to our clients regarding the appropriate handling of personal information.

When personal information is collected, we will notify or announce the specific purpose of use, and we will handle it in accordance with that purpose of use.
When personal information is handled, as a general rule it will be done within the range necessary for the purpose of use.
We will perform appropriate management and take necessary steps to prevent leakage, loss, or alteration of personal information.
When we receive a request from the user through certain points of contact to disclose, revise, delete, or suspend the usage of personal information in our possession, we will support it in good faith.

2. Regarding the Appropriate Handling of Personal Information Considering the Contents and Scope of the Service

This company collects the necessary personal information to carry out each service, but these pieces of information will be used with the goals below.
Furthermore, in order to advance our work smoothly, we may entrust portions of our duties to others and may provide personal information within a necessary range to those subcontractors, but in such cases, we will enter into a contract with those subcontractors governing the handling of personal information, and we will appropriately enforce its supervision.
Purposes of Use

9 Responding to requests for disclosure based on the Personal Information Protection Law, as well as inspection and guarding concerning the handling of personal information.

10 Management of contractual relationships with clients.

11 Joint use in ② written below.
12 Provision to third parties for the purposes written in ③ below etc.
13 Other concerned duties in the range necessary for the execution of each of the above items.

*1 Name of Business, Description of Business
Mobile telephone sales distributor
Web business
Internet advertising business
Internet advertising agencies of any type
The providers of internet service or internet connections over ADSL, fiber optic, etc, used for web sites
Sales agencies of office automation machines and MYLINE landline service agencies

*2 Note on credit card information and other forms of personal information
The Company outsources work for payment by credit card to the payment agency service provider, and delegates the authority for receiving usage fees for “Vision MOBILE” to one of the group companies, Vision Inc. (8F SHINJUKU EASTSIDE SQUARE, 6-27-30 Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo). In addition, the payment agency service provider holds credit card information (credit card number, expiry date, security code), while the Company and Vision Inc. do not hold any credit card information.

(2) Shared Use
This company, in order to advance its affairs smoothly, may share and use details such as the customer’s name, company name, or contact information in conversations with our parent company, or associated companies or partners in requests by telephone. Furthermore, this firm will possess the responsibility for management of applicable information and will manage it when this firm’s parent company, as well as associated companies in their association with us when their use adds to our purposes of use, use fax machines, combination printer-copier-scanner-fax machines, telephones, personal computers etc. office-oriented business machines, office automation machine businesses and mobile phone sales distributors which sell business products, every type of shop business which serves as a credit card agency, insurance agencies, as well as Internet advertising agencies, web hosting services, mobile content services, and Internet businesses operating portal sites.

(3) Provision to Third Parties
In cases where this firm has a reorganization of its business, a merger, a restructuring, or a transfer of business, this firm may provide personal information with the purpose of doing due diligence (an investigation of details of business) to the applicable parties conducting due diligence.

3. Disclosure and Provision to Third Parties

Our firm does not disclose or provide personal information except in cases of provision to subcontractors as written in this policy, cases of purposes written in (3) under 2., or any of the applicable cases below.
Cases Where We Have the Agreement of the User
The case of disclosure or provision of statistical data etc. such that the user cannot be identified individually.
Cases When Disclosure or Provision is Demanded Due to Laws and Ordinances
Cases where it is necessary to protect a person’s life, health, or property, and cases where it is difficult to obtain the agreement of the user.
Cases where it is necessary to cooperate with the execution of official business of the nation or local public body etc., and that obtaining the user’s agreement may hinder the accomplishment of the applicable business.

4. Procedures of Disclosure

Regarding personal data in this firm’s possession, when the user desires the disclosure if his own or her own information, upon confirmation that the person making the application is the user, within a reasonable range and time period, as a general rule we will answer in writing. However, due to laws and ordinances the request may not be complied with.

5. Revisions, Deletions etc.

Regarding personal data in this firm’s possession, in the case where the user desires the correction, amendment, or deletion of his or her information, upon confirmation that the person making the application is the user, when there is data that differs from fact, we will correct, amend, or delete the information within a reasonable range and time period.

6. Suspension of Use and Erasure

Regarding personal data in this firm’s possession, in cases where the user desires the erasure or suspension of use of his or her information, and when any one of the following items apply, upon confirmation that the person making the request is the user, as a general rule the use of the data will be suspended or the data will be deleted within a reasonable range and time period.
However, in cases where all or part of this data is erased or the use of it is suspended, we may involuntarily become unable to provide services in accordance with demand, so we please ask for your understanding and cooperation.
Furthermore, there may be cases where requests for erasure or the suspension of use may not be complied with where information is retained due to laws and ordinances such as the Labor Standards Act.

  1. When the use by this firm of personal data has exceeded the range of the purposes of use in 2 of this policy without the agreement of the user.
  2. When this firm has acquired applicable personal information illegally or improperly.
  3. When this firm has improperly disclosed personal information to third parties.

7. Contact Points and Means of Inquiry Concerning Disclosure etc.

For applications of 4, 5, 6 written above related to the personal data in this firm’s possession, or for other inquiries related to personal information, please use the point of contact below. Please understand that a request for disclosure etc. may not be complied with when it is not received in this manner.
<<Point of Contact for Inquiries>>

Best link Inc., Re: Personal Information
8F SHINJUKU EASTSIDE SQUARE, 6-27-30 Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, 〒160-0022
Telephone: +81-50-8882-5774

Inquiries of both means are accepted on weekdays * from 9 AM to 5 PM.
* Inquiries are not accepted on weekends, national holidays, August 11 to August 17, and December 28 to January 4.

8. Supplementary Provisions

This personal information protection policy is implemented since October 1, 2008. However, in accordance with the enactments or modifications of laws and ordinances and guidelines of every type, this personal information protection policy may change. Changes to the policy are officially announced on this firm’s web site.

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