Why you should rent a WiFi router when you come to Japan

  • Free WiFi networks are few and hard to find

    Only places like major airports, hotels or large stations offer free WiFi. There is no way to use internet on the move.

  • Many "free" WiFi networks often require pre-registration to use

    Many of these networks require a paid membership or complicated registration in Japanese only. And there is no way to register without a working internet connection first.

  • International data roaming could cost a fortune

    Your mobile carrier may offer an international data roaming service on your phone. However, these roaming services are usually very expensive and often very slow.

Advantages of using a WiFi router

  • Portability

    Our compact devices will fit into your pockets so you can take it anywhere.

  • Huge Coverage Area

    From Okinawa to Hokkaido, devices from WIFI-HIRE.COM have most of Japan covered!

  • Huge Data Allowance

    WiFi-Hire offers devices with UNLIMITED* data usage for a limited time! Stay connected all the time with our low cost and fast devices.

    *Please be aware that exceeding 3GB in a day can result in a loss of speed and possibly a temporary loss of connection.

  • Multiple devices can be connected at the same time

    Up to 5 devices can be connected simutaneously to one WiFi router. Perfect for groups!

  • You won't need to rent a phone if you use a messaging app.

    With WiFi, you can use messaging apps anytime and anywhere.
    Using rental phones can be a hassle because you have to tell everyone your new number, but with this service you can use your own phone.

  • Easy Set-up. Get connected to the internet in moments!

    Just turn the device on, enter the password, and you're connected!

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Benefits of WIFI-HIRE.COM

We have a plan that fits your need, whether you need WiFi for only a few days, or if you need it for a few months.

The longer you rent WiFi, the cheaper it gets. If you rent with us for a month, you can pay as little as 450 yen/day! All prices will include insurance to cover lost and damaged devices, as well as all bandwidth charges.

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Our compact devices will fit into your pockets so you can take them anywhere.

We have counters in major airports throughout Japan for your to pick-up and return your device, and you can begin using your device immediately after you pick it up. We can also deliver your device to your hotel.

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English, Chinese and Japanese speaking Customer Service Representatives Available.

Our call center staff will help you with whatever questions or problems you may have.

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