*Listed price includes tax unless otherwise stated.

WiFi Router Rental

Softbank Pocket Wi-Fi 303ZT

Blazing Fast 4GLTE speed for all purposes.
Huge coverage area and well built.

Length Price
1~3 Days 2,640 JPY
4 Days 3,410 JPY
5 Days 4,180 JPY
6 Days 4,950 JPY
7 Days 5,720 JPY
8 Days 6,380 JPY
Length Price
9 Days 7,040 JPY
10 Days 7,700 JPY
11 Days 8,360 JPY
12 Days 9,020 JPY
13 Days 9,570 JPY
14 Days 10,120 JPY
Length Price
15 Days 10,670 JPY
16~20 Days 11,770 JPY
21~25 Days 12,870 JPY
26~30 Days 13,970 JPY
31~45 Days 18,370 JPY

* There are no plans available for usage above 45 days. If you would like to use our service for more than 45 days, please contact us directly.
* We do not offer partial refunds if you return your device earlier than your designated return date.

Optional External Battery

External Battery

Having an external battery allows you to charge your WiFi router on the go, so you won’t need to worry even if you have a long day out and about.

Optional Product Price
External Battery 150 JPY/Day

Handling Fees

You can pick up/return your device using delivery services, or at airport counters.

Pick-up/Return Method Price
Delivery Pick-up 550 JPY
Return 550 JPY
Airport Counters Pick-up 550 JPY
Return 550 JPY

* For delivery, handling fee for multiple devices is 1,100JPY one way.

Extension Rate

If you would like to use our service beyond what you orginally reserved, you can do so at 1,100 JPY/Day. There is no need to contact us to continue using your WiFi router. We will automatically extend your rental period at the above rate.

Extension Plans for Registered a Member

Our registered member can extend their rental period with member-only extension plans before their rental period ends in "My Page".The rate of member-only extension plans are lower than regular extension plans. It is one of the many perks of being our member.*

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We apologize for any inconvenience, if you would like to extend the usage period, please contact us separately.

There are NO data fees on

There are NO hidden fees on
Not only there are no data fees, there is also NO fees up front.NO deposit will be charged from your credit card at the time of reservation.

Data Fee Upfront Fee Security Deposit

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