*Listed price includes tax unless otherwise stated.

Charges and Payment

Are there other charges incurred besides the rental charge?
There will be a 550JPY handling fee for either pick-up or return. This applies to all pick-up and return methods.
* For delivery, handling fee for multiple devices is 1,100JPY one way.
Will there be fees for the data I use during rental period?
No. Rental fees have already included all data fees.
What if I want to extend my rental period?
You can extend our service at the rate of 1,100JPY/day.
However, if you registered as our member during your order, you can order extension plans(starting from 3 days) at a much lower rate.
*Your extension fees will be charged to the same card you used to place the order.
When will my credit card be billed?
Depending on the timing, your credit card may be billed the month or two months after your rental period starts.
Do you issue receipt or commercial invoice?
You can do this by yourself at simply logging into your "My Account" page and click "Issue Receipt" in your order history.
*For service is provided to our registered member only.
Can payment be made using other means besides credit cards?
We only accept payments by Credit Cards. The following credit cards are accepted: VISA, Master, JCB and American Express.
Wire, debit cards, prepaid cards, Paypal and UnionPay are NOT accepted.
My credit card is charged before my rental period starts or before my order is complete! Why?
This may occur when you used a debit card or a prepaid card to try to place an order.
We do not accept anything but credit cards. If you tried using any cards we do not accept, contact your card's customer support as soon as possible.
For refunds because of this, contact your card's customer support as well.
Can I rent for more than 45 days?
For customers who want to use our service for more than 45 days, please register as our member during check-out. You can add extension plans afterwards.
For example, you can order a 45-day plan plus a 20-day extension for a total of 65 days of rental.

Pickup and Return

If I reserve today, when is the soonest I can pick up my Pocket WiFi router?
For delivery, the earliest delivery date would be next day if you complete your reservation by 1:00pm Japan Standard Time.
Depending on where you want your device to be delivered, it could take longer. Check this page for details:
For airport counter pick-up, delivery times differ by airports.
Please check this page for details:
Can I pick up by delivery then return at an airport counter?
Yes. You can pick up and return using different methods as long as they are being done in Japan.
If you would like to change your return method during the rental period, please contact our customer service team.
Can someone besides me pick up the device?
Yes. Please leave the instructions in the "Comment" during your check-out.
If you forgot to leave the instructions, please contact us by e-mail, phone or Skype.
What if I couldn't pick up my Pocket WiFi router because my flight was delayed or cancelled?
Please notify us as soon as possible.
We can re-arrange delivery to your home or hotel. And if needed, we can adjust your rental plan to reflect your actual rental period.
Where is the return address for returns by delivery service?
Please return all devices and accessories to:
Vision Narita Office
Chiba-ken Narita-shi Hanasaki-cho 807-1
Century Narita Building 4F
To: Vision Inc. WiFi-Hire.com Department
Tel: 0476-20-1616
Where can I drop off my package for the return?
Most convenience stores in Japan as well as Yamato Transport counters across the country accept drop-offs. Use our prepaid shipping slip to drop your package off.
For a list of convenience stores:
For a list of Yamato Transport counters in airports:
How do I check if my return is completed?
Log into your account on our website, if you see "Return Complete" in your order. This means your order had been successfully returned.
If you are not a registered member, please contact our customer service center for the status of your return.
Are there staffs who can speak English/Chinese at your airport counters?
Some counters have English/Chinese staffs available. However, they may not be available due to shift. Please contact us for details.

Device settings and Use

Is it hard to set the Pocket WiFi router up?
It's very easy. Just enter a short password on your device and you are connected.
There is a manual included in our device kit. There is no need to worry.
Is there a data limit?
There is no data cap.Connection speed may be controlled for devices with unreasonably high amount of data usage.
I want to see the coverage of your Pocket WiFi router.
Please check this page for all details of our Pocket WiFi router.

Other FAQs

Can I place an order by phone?
Sorry, we only accept orders from our website.
Can I place an order at the airport counter?
Sorry, we only accept orders from our website and our airport counters serve customers with completed orders only.
Can I exchange my Pocket WiFi router if something is wrong with it?
If your Pocket WiFi router is malfunction or not working as intended, we offer free replacement for free. Please contact our customer service center.
Can I cancel my order?
If you would like to cancel your order, please contact us as soon as possible.
We do not accept cancels after you have picked up our Pocket WiFi router.
I have lost my Pocket WiFi router. What should I do?
If you have lost your Pocket WiFi router, please contact us as soon as possible.
You will be responsible for the lost devices. For a detailed list of price of our products, see here:
*Please check your hotel or nearby lost and found counter first before contact us.
Is it free to register as your member?
Yes. It is free of charge.
I do not want to be a member of your site anymore.
Log into your account on our website, click "cancel your account" and enter your password again to confirm.
Is there a discount given for returning the terminal before the end of the rental period?
No. The rental charge for the plan that you have applied for will be billed.
How do I use coupon?
During your check-out where you confirm the total of your order, there is a coupon field. Enter your coupon code and press "apply" to use your coupon.

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